As people of faith and spirit, we are deeply grateful for the Earth. Yet we know that nature is out of balance and feel a responsibility to respond. We want our lives to reflect our values, avoiding excess and embracing sufficiency.

Reducing the impact of our consumption is a spiritual challenge. By Living the Change, we engage this struggle with joy as part of our response to climate change.



Start Living the Change by pledging to make your own life a blessing for the Earth and all people. You might make this your own by using ideas and language meaningful to you.

Thank you for your aspiration for Living the Change

People of faith around the world are coming together to walk gently on Earth.

Your pledge contributes to the culture shift we need to respond to this crisis:

One of the most powerful steps you can take is simply talking about climate change. Share your pledge in conversations and on social media.

As a step to realize your pledge at the individual level, will you make a personal commitment to change your behavior in one of three high-impact areas: transport, energy, or diet?

Make a Personal Commitment

Sr. Christin Tomy, OP image

Sr. Christin Tomy, OP

Sister Christin Tomy, OP, has sparked meaningful conversations among her fellow Catholic Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa about the spiritual and ethical foundations of her vegetarianism.

What about systemic change?

As people of faith and spirit, we know that behavior change is one of a number of responses that we must make to climate change. To solve this problem, and to create a flourishing future for all people, we need changes at the personal, institutional, and systemic levels. The facts are clear - we need to do everything we can. We also know that when people make changes at one of these levels, they often get involved in other areas of activity.

Within this context, Living the Change is our shared faith response at the individual level. Learn more about GreenFaith's institutional and systemic initiatives.

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The 3 Priorities of Climate-Friendly Living


Reducing ENERGY use

Moving towards renewable energy sources can save up to 1.6 tonnes of CO2 per year per person.


Eco-friendly TRANSPORT

Living car-free for a year saves 2.4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, while each roundtrip transatlantic flight avoided saves an additional 1.6 tonnes.


Plant-based DIET

Eating a plant-based diet saves 0.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. This represents 4 times more greenhouse gas emissions per year than recycling. Plus, it is the most ethical approach, and also helps improve health and well-being!

“Walk on Earth Gently”

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Make a personal commitment to change your behavior in one of three high-impact areas: transport, energy, or diet.

Walk Me Through It


How do we heat and cool our homes? When do we use electrical appliances? Where does our electricity come from? We invite you consider these questions and lower your home’s impact on climate change.


How we travel from one place to another always has an impact on the Earth, no matter how near or far. We invite you to join us in moving around our world more thoughtfully and sustainably.


Meat, cheese, and milk production all create lots of carbon pollution. What we do with “everything we don’t eat” can also hurt the environment … or it can help! We invite you to eat a plant-based diet and compost your non-meat food scraps.

Thank you for this critical response to climate change

People of faith around the world are coming together to walk gently on Earth.

Your commitment contributes to reducing carbon emissions and the culture shift we need to respond to this crisis:

One of the most powerful things you can do is share with others that you are taking climate change seriously and actively responding. Share your commitment on social media.

Consider making another commitment!

If you haven't already, will you join a welcome call and learn about how you can keep your commitment and work with your communities to Live the Change?

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Each week, people of faith join us for a welcome orientation by video or phone. You can learn about climate-friendly living, gain helpful resources, and connect with other members of our global community. All are welcome.


Thank you for registering to attend our weekly Welcome and Orientation Call for Living the Change.

Check your email for information how to join one of the two calls offered this Friday. We invite you to join the session that is more convenient for you.

This will be your first opportunity to learn more about why and how people of faith around the world are choosing climate-friendly lifestyles … and how you can do the same.

Thank you again for becoming part of our community. We are looking forward to meeting with you on Friday.

Rev. Milton Mejía image

Rev. Milton Mejía

Rev. Milton Mejía has developed an Eco-Theology Course in the Presbyterian Church of Colombia that seeks to recover the concepts and practices of austerity, saving, and pastoral care from an ecological perspective.


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